Our son Noah was born in January 2012. Shortly after his birth, we were told our baby has Down Syndrome. We were devastated at the news but before long we realised that Noah was going to take us on an adventure we could not have anticipated.

I have learned so much about life, about family about parenting in the short 4 years since Noah was born.

I have learned that Down Syndrome is not a big deal, that my boy is an amazing person full of joy and determination and he approaches life’s challenges with an incredible strength of spirit.

The path is not always easy, we are challenged by social perceptions, lack of services, unclear directions and sometimes the feeling that you are going it alone.

However we celebrate the quirky family that we are, we celebrate difference and we embrace all the learnings along the way.

I hope that by sharing this journey with my blog, we can share the joy, the tears, the learnings but most of all celebrate difference, create awareness and discussion and celebrate life.