Noah’s journey

Our son Noah was born in January 2012. Shortly after his birth, we were told our baby has Down Syndrome. I had no idea at the time that this news was to take us on a journey we could not have imagined.

We were devastated at the news, I couldn’t believe that this could happen to us. I was so frightened of what the future would hold for my baby boy, his sister and for us as a couple.

When I think of how I felt in those early days and how I managed the news I had been given, I wish I had some perspective. I would love to go back to the person in the hospital bed and tell her it was going to be OK. I would tell her that this little boy is going to bring so much joy and love to her life, I would tell her she is strong enough to manage any challenge that will come her way and I would tell her that she is going to love this little boy more then she can imagine. I would also tell her, she is about to become a better person, a better parent, a better friend.

Since Noah came into our family, we have all learned what is important in life, that all our children’s achievements are to be celebrated, that the only thing that holds us back are our preconceptions of how we think things are supposed to be, that there is beauty in difference, strength in family and learnings in all our life’s challenges.

Noah is a remarkable little boy, he works harder then most to achieve the things other children take for granted, he approaches life with an incredible determination and strength of spirit, he is funny, he is strong, he is smart – he is so much more then a diagnosis. Down Syndrome is a small part of an amazing person living a great life!

This is our journey.

Welcome to Noah’s world!


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  1. Beautifully written Cara – although I have never met Noah, he is indeed a cool dude. Looking at your and Roland’s Facebook pages, he beams when he sits with his dad for a Friday afternoon drink or when you are all taking a family selfie. I am looking forward to following your and Noah’s journey through your blog

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